Posted by: pastormatt227 | August 31, 2017

Prayer updates for Thursday, August 31, 2017

Please keep these prayer requests in mind as you come before God in prayer today:

Update:  Please pray for Justin Vander Wal as he recovers from the surgery he had on Wednesday to fix the facial bones that were broken in the motorcycle accident.   We praise God for the news that the surgery went well and that Justin may be able to return home as early as today. We also give thanks that Justin is making good progress and pray for God to be with him so that he can make a speedy and complete recovery.

We express our Christian Sympathies to Del and Lorraine Mokma in the passing of Lorraine’s brother, Gene Sal, who went home to be with the Lord on Wednesday after a 2 1/2 year battle with ALS. Pray for God’s loving presence to surround the Sal and Mokma families and for the promises of Christ and the love of the Christian community to be an encouragement to them in this sad time of loss.

Please continue to pray for John Groenewoud and his family as they adjust to a new way of life since Betty’s passing. Pray for the hope of eternal life to be a constant comfort to John and the Groenewoud Family in this sad time of loss.

We praise the Lord for the 55th wedding anniversary that Tim and Shirley Brown will celebrate on Thursday. Pray for God to fill their special day with joy as they celebrate their love for one another. Pray for God to bless Tim and Shirley with many more good years to come.

Please pray for Cindy Haveman as she continues a time of recovery and physical therapy at The Inn at Freedom Village after she fell a week ago and suffered a broken pelvis. Pray for God’s healing grace to be upon Cindy so that she can make a full recovery.

Please pray for God’s blessing to be upon all of our students at Noordeloos Church as they prepare to go back to school. Pray for a smooth transition to their new classrooms, with new teachers, and as they make new friends. Pray for God’s blessing to be with all of the teachers they pour themselves into their classrooms and as they invest in our children’s lives.

Please pray for the Campus Ministries at GVSU and WMU as they prepare to begin a new year of ministry. Pray for God to be Rev. Scott Stark as he works with the campus ministry at GVSU and with Jordan Palladino as he takes over for Rev. Ron DeYoung as Campus Pastor with International Student Fellowship (Bronco Campus Ministry) at WMU. Pray for the love of Christ to be seen through the ministry that will take place on these campuses this year.


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