Posted by: pastormatt227 | October 3, 2017

Prayer updates for Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Please keep these prayer requests in mind as you come before God in prayer today:

Update:  Please pray for our Nation and especially for those mourning the loss of loved ones in the terrible shooting that took place in Las Vegas on Sunday night.  Pray for God to comfort the many families who are hurting this day and for God’s healing grace to be with the many who were injured in the attack.  As a nation, we are grieved and angered by such senseless acts of violence.  As Christians, we are doubly grieved because (as we learned on Sunday) those who lost their lives in this tragic event were men and women who were made in the image of God.  In this midst of this tragedy, please pray for hurting families and our hurting nation to find the hope of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Update: Please pray for Clayton Rouwhorst and his parents, Jon and Jenn Rouwhorst, as they traveled to Ann Arbor on Monday to meet with specialists to address the condition that causes Clayton to aspirate his food.   Pray for God to be with Clayton, Jon, and Jenn as they continue to pursue help to find a permanent solution for Clayton’s condition.  Pray for God’s peace and patience to be with the Rouwhorsts in this time of waiting for results and direction.

Please pray for John Kortman as he fell last week and broke five ribs. Pray for God’s healing touch to be on John so that the pain will subside quickly and so that John can make a full recovery.  Pray for God to be with John and grant him encouragement in this time of recovery.

Please pray for Fred Zeeff as his breathing has become more labored and as he waits for tests and results to show the exact cause of the decreased oxygen levels. Pray for God to be with Fred in this time of need as the daily struggle to breath makes him very tired. Pray for God to provide answers and a possible solution for treatment that will improve Fred’s condition.

We praise the Lord for the 53rd wedding anniversary that Jim and Jan Holstege celebrated on Monday. We give thanks to God for the many years of marriage He has given to Jim and Jan and we pray for God to bless them with continued joy in the years to come.

We praise the Lord for the successful knee replacement surgery that Betty Petroelje endured last Monday. Pray for God’s healing grace to be with Betty as she continues her recovery at home and as she endures physical therapy.

Please pray for God to be with our Farmers as they have begun to bring in this year’s harvest. Pray for God’s protection and safety for our famers they go about their work. Pray also for God to send the right amount of rain at the right time and for also God’s provision of a bountiful harvest.

Please pray for God’s blessing to be on the Fall Programs that are beginning this week at Noordeloos. Pray for a great first night at Family Night this Wednesday as we begin GEMS, Cadets, Kid’s Club, and the Adult Bible Study. Pray also for God to bless the many women who will be gathering Coffee Break on Tuesday nights and Thursday mornings. Pray for God to use all of these opportunities to deepen our love for Him and for one another.

Pray for God to be with all of the volunteers and students who will be participating in Kid’s Life Bible Club, which began on Monday. Pray for God to use Kid’s Life so that the students at Eagle Crest Charter Academy may hear and believe the message of God’s love through Bible stories, puppet skits, and through the singing.



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