Posted by: pastormatt227 | October 9, 2017

Prayer updates for Monday, October 9, 2017

Please keep these prayer requests in mind as you come before God in prayer today:

We praise the Lord for the birthdays that Hazel Kiekintveld and Jason Walters celebrate today. We pray for God to bless Hazel and Jason as they celebrate their birthdays today and for the joy of the Lord to be with each of them in the year to come.

Please pray for Fred Zeeff as he endured PET scan last Friday to look for answers as to why Fred is experiencing decreased oxygen levels. Pray for God to be with Fred the breathing troubles he has been experiencing are very tiring.  Pray for God to provide answers and a possible solution for treatment that will improve Fred’s condition.

Please pray for Clayton Rouwhorst and his parents, Jon and Jenn Rouwhorst, as Clayton was seen by specialists in Ann Arbor last week to assess his ongoing trouble with aspiration.   Pray for God’s peace and patience to be with the Rouwhorsts as they wait for results and for the doctors to determine the next steps.

Please pray for John Kortman as he fell a little over a week ago and broke five ribs. Pray for God’s healing touch to be on John so that the pain will subside quickly and so that John can make a full recovery.  Pray for God to be with John and grant him encouragement in this time of recovery.





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