Posted by: pastormatt227 | November 6, 2017

Prayer updates for Monday, November 6, 2017

Please keep these prayer requests in mind as you come before God in prayer today:

Update: Please pray for Kristin Sterk, sister of Kari Nienhuis, as she will endure an open-heart surgery today. Kristin recently had a heart valve surgery and last week one of the sutures burst, sending Kristin back to the U of M hospital. The surgery today will be to correct the damage caused by the burst sutures. Pray for God’s loving presence to be with Kristin and her husband, Dan, and for the surgery to go smoothly. Pray for God’s healing grace to be on Kristin so that she can make a fully recovery.

Update: Please pray for MacKenzie Quillen, Jeanne Quillen’s grandson, as he was in a serious car accident on Sunday and remains in the ICU. We praise the Lord for the report this morning that Mac doesn’t appear to have sustained any head trauma. He did suffer several broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Pray for the Lord to grant healing to Mac so that he can make a full recovery from his injuries.

Update: Please pray for Bob Brus, regular visitor at Noordeloos, as he will endure a shoulder surgery at Blodgett Hospital on Friday to remove a cyst and mend a fracture in his shoulder. Pray for God to be with Bob and for the surgery to go as planned so that he can make a speedy recovery.

We celebrate with Jon and Jenn Rouwhorst in the birth of their son, Josiah Gerald Rouwhorst (8 lbs 2oz, 20 in long), who was born on Wednesday, November 1. We give thanks to God for a healthy baby boy and for the news that both mom and baby are doing well. Pray for God to be with Rouwhorsts as they celebrate God’s gift of new life in this exciting time.

We praise the Lord for the 59th wedding anniversary that Joe and Karen Nordyke will celebrate on Tuesday. We give thanks for the many years of marriage God has given to Joe and Karen and pray for God’s blessings on many more good years to come.

We praise God for the good news that Jon and Jenn Rouwhorst share that Clayton’s appointment went very well last week.  The doctors were pleased with the results of Clayton’s swallow study and would like to proceed with a permanent surgery in mid-January.  Pray for God to be with the Rouwhorsts as they have several follow-up appointments in preparation for the upcoming surgery, and for the surgery to correct the problems Clayton has been having.  We give thanks to God for this good report!

Please pray for Ken Knap as he continues to recover from a leg fracture and also as the doctor discovered some blood clots in Ken’s lung. Pray for God’s healing grace to be with Ken, for his leg to heal quickly, and for the blood clots to dissolve without causing further problems. Pray for the love of Christ to be an encouragement and strength for Ken and Ruth in their time of need.

Please pray for Alicia Vander Wal as she is nearing the end of her work in The Gambia with The Peace Crops and as she plans to return home in December. Pray for God’s protection and loving care to be with Alicia and for her faith in Christ to be strong as she serves the people of her community.

As we remember Veteran’s Day on Saturday, we give thanks to God for our Veterans their service and sacrifices for our country remind us of the sacrificial love of Christ. We pray for the protection of those who are currently serving in the military. Please pray for God to be with Lee Nagelkerk as he serves with the U.S. Marines Josh Scholtens as he serves with the U.S. Navy, and Meredith Visser as she continues her work with the Army Reserve.

Please pray for the Elders as they are in the midst of Family Visiting this month. Pray for these visits to be a time of spiritual encouragement for the families of our church as well as for the Elders. We praise God for our church family and pray for Christ’s love to be evident in all we think, say, and do as a church!


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