Posted by: pastormatt227 | February 2, 2018

Prayer updates for Friday, February 2, 2018

Please keep these prayer requests in mind as you come before God in prayer today:

Update:  Please pray for Tony Kiekintveld as he will endure an outpatient procedure today.  Pray for the procedure to go smoothly so that Tony can make a quick recovery.  Pray for the Lord’s loving presence to be with Tony and Hazel through today’s procedure and for God to grant Tony the strength and rest he needs in this time.

We express our Christian Sympathies to Tom and Elaine Lucas in the passing of Elaine’s mother, Florence Brower, who went home to be with the Lord on Sunday. Pray for God to comfort the Lucas and Brower families in this sad time of loss as they prepare for a funeral service later this week.

Please pray for Wayne Brueker as the knee surgery he was to endure on Monday was cancelled due to sickness. Pray for God’s healing grace to be with Wayne so that he can get well soon and so that his knee surgery can be rescheduled.

We praise the Lord for the birthday that Ken Knap celebrated on Monday. We give thanks for God’s faithfulness to Ken throughout the years, and especially for God being with Ken over the past few months as he was recovering from a fractured leg. Pray for God to bless Ken with many expressions of love from family and friends as he celebrates his birthday this week.

We praise the Lord for the news that Clayton Rouwhorst is doing well after last week’s procedure in Ann Arbor. The doctor was very happy with the surgery and is optimistic that this will solve the difficulties Clayton has been having with silent aspiration. Pray for God’s healing grace to be with Clayton and for the follow-up appointments to show that the surgery was effective.

Please pray for Joe Nordyke as he has been facing intense back pain caused by a pinched nerve.  Pray for God to be with Joe as he receives an injection treatment to help relieve the pressure and pain. Pray for the injection to be effective so that Joe can find relief from the pain he has been experiencing and be able to make a full recovery.


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