Posted by: pastormatt227 | May 7, 2018

Prayer updates for Monday, May 7, 2018

Please keep these prayer requests in mind as you come before God in prayer today:

Update: Please pray for Wayne Breuker as he fell on Saturday and sustained some injuries to his face, shoulder, and fingers.  Wayne has also been dealing with continued pain in his knee since the knee surgery he endured seven weeks ago.  Pray for God to be with Wayne as he sees his doctors this week to examine the injuries he received after his fall as well as the ongoing problem with his knee.  Pray for God’s healing grace to be with Wayne so that he can make a full recovery.

Update: Please pray for Ruth Knap as she was admitted to Zeeland Hospital on Friday, where she is being treated for an infection.  Pray for God’s loving presence to be with Ruth and for the antibiotics to be effective so that her body can fight off the infection and she can make a full recovery.  Pray for the Lord to grant strength and faith to both Ken and Ruth in this time of need.

We praise the Lord for the birthday that Bob Heyboer celebrates on Wednesday.  We give thanks for the many years God has given to Bob and we pray for the Lord to bless with many expressions of love from family and friends on his special day.

We praise the Lord for the news that Tim and Ginny Spahr share that their adoption is now complete and that they arrived home with Kalkidan on Saturday, May 5!  Pray for God to surround the Spahr family in this exciting time.  Pray also for God to be with Kalkidan as she gets to know her forever family and adjusts to her new surroundings.

We praise the Lord for the successful back surgery that Joe Nordyke endured on Tuesday.  The surgery went well but was much more extensive than what they anticipated.  Pray for God’s healing grace to be with Joe in his time of recovery as he is in a significant amount of pain and discomfort.  Pray for the Lord to grant Joe daily patience and strength he needs each day in this time of healing and rest.

Please pray for the Elders as they meet tonight.  Pray for God to guide our Pastor and Elders as they seek to provide spiritual leadership to the church.  Pray especially for the Lord to be with the Elders as they anticipate hearing the profession of faith of one of our students at tonight’s meeting.



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