Posted by: pastormatt227 | May 14, 2018

Prayer updates for Monday, May 14, 2018

Please keep these prayer requests in mind as you come before God in prayer today:

Update: Please pray Steve and Kim Holtrop, supported missionaries in Nicaragua, as the country continues to face unrest.  More violence broke out last week.  We praise God for the news that the Holtrops have been sheltered from much of the unrest and have not felt their personal safety was in danger in any way. Pray for God to bring peace and reconciliation through dialogues between the Catholic Church and government leaders which will be taking place today.  We praise God that the Catholic Church has stepped in to try to mediate the conflict.  Steve requests that we pray for the hearts of the people in the dialogue to be open to see the truth, and to seek forgiveness.

We praise the Lord for the birthday that Agnes Vanden Bosch celebrates on Monday and the birthday that Fred Zeeff will celebrate on Wednesday.  We give thanks for God’s faithfulness to both Agnes and Fred throughout their lives.  We pray for God’s blessing to be with Agnes and Fred as they celebrate their birthdays this week.

We praise the Lord for the news that Matt Wissink, Rick and Sally’s son, was released from the hospital last Wednesday. Pray for God’s healing grace to be with Matt as the doctors discovered that some of his symptoms were being caused by kidney stones.  Pray God to be with Matt and the treatment to be effective in dissolving the kidney stones.

Please pray for Ruth Knap as she was transferred to Resthaven last Tuesday for a time of recovery after being admitted to the hospital with a severe infection.  Pray for God to grant daily strength to Ruth as she continues to recover so that she might be able to return home soon.  Pray for God’s loving presence to be with Ken and the Knap family in this time of need.

Please pray for Fred and Ruth Beach as they leave on Tuesday for Columbia as part of their work with Reachout Ministries. Pray for the Lord to bless the interactions Fred and Ruth will have with several Reachout Ministries sponsors in Columbia as well as the families in their sponsorship program.  Pray for God to be at work through the ministry of Reachout so that their children may receive the help they need for an education, but also that their families may come to know the amazing love and grace of Christ!



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