Posted by: pastormatt227 | May 24, 2018

Prayer updates for Thursday, May 24, 2018

Please keep these prayer requests in mind as you come before God in prayer today:

Update:  Please pray for Fred Zeeff as he was admitted to Holland Hospital on Wednesday after his breathing because severely labored.  The doctors discovered that Fred is retaining fluids that are making it harder to breath.  Pray for God to be with Fred and for the doctors to determine the reason for the fluid build-up so that they can treat it accordingly.  Pray for God to grant peace and strength to Fred and Edna in this time of need and for God’s healing hands to be with Fred so that he can return home soon.

Update: Please pray for Fred and Ruth Beach as they return to Michigan today from their trip to Columbia for Reachout Ministries.  Pray for God to be at work through the ministry of Reachout so that their children may receive the help they need for an education, but also that their families may come to know the amazing love and grace of Christ!

Please pray for Mckayla Steenwyk as she is in Brazil this week on a medical mission trip with Hope College.  McKayla’s group is traveling down the Amazon River and providing medical care to several villages along the river, as well as sharing the the message of Christ.  Pray for God to be with the Hope missions team, to grant them safety and good health, and for the Lord to bless their work this week.

Please pray for God to be with all of our Students, from pre-school through college, who have completed or who will be completing the school year in the coming weeks.  Pray for God to grant them the energy and concentration they need to finish out the year well.

Please pray for Ade Molendyk as he continues chemotherapy treatment for his leukemia.  Pray for the Lord to grant Ade the strength he needs each day, both physically and spiritually.  Pray also for God’s presence to be a strength for the Molendyk family in this time of need.

Please pray for Ruth Knap as she remains at Resthaven for a time of recovery after being admitted to the hospital with a severe infection.  Pray for God to grant daily strength to Ruth as she continues to recover so that she might be able to return home soon.  Pray for God’s loving presence to be with Ruth, Ken, and the Knap family in this time of need.


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