Posted by: pastormatt227 | May 31, 2018

Prayer updates for Thursday, May 31, 2018

Please keep these prayer requests in mind as you come before God in prayer today:

Update: We praise the Lord for the successful gallbladder surgery that Elaine De Young endured this morning.  Elaine will go home later today.  Pray for God to be with Elaine in her time of healing and for God to grant her a speedy and complete recovery.

Please pray for Fred Zeeff as he suffered a minor heart attack on Sunday night while remaining in Holland Hospital where he had been admitted last week with severely labored breathing and chest pains.  The doctors discovered that Fred is retaining fluids which is making it harder to breath. Pray for the Lord to provide quick answers as to the reason for the fluid build-up so that Fred can receive the care he needs to recover.   Pray for God’s loving presence to be with Fred and Edna, to encourage them, and to be their strength in this time of need.

We thanks God this Memorial Day Weekend for the freedom we enjoy as we remember the many lives that have been lost to preserve and protect our freedom in this country.  Please pray for God ‘s protection for those who are currently serving this nation, and especially remember in prayer Lee Nagelkerk (U.S. Marine Corp), Josh Scholtens (U.S. Navy), Ben Vander Wal (U.S. Navy), and Meredith Visser (U.S. Army Reserve).

We praise the Lord for the birthday that John Kortman celebrated on Sunday and the birthday that Shirley Brown will celebrate this coming Saturday.  We give thanks for the many years God has given to John and to Shirley and we pray for the joy of Christ to be with them on their birthday and in the year to come.

We praise the Lord for the news of the safe return of Lee Nagelkerk and his unit from their deployment in Japan.  We give thanks to God to for being with Lee, as well as his family, over the past several months and for the good news that they will be reunited in the next couple of weeks.  Pray for God to provide for Lee, Nina, and Charlotte as they get reestablished and make the transition back to life together as a family.

We praise the Lord for the safe return of McKayla Steenwyk from her short-term mission trip to Brazil with Hope College.  McKayla and her team traveled down the Amazon River to minister to several villages along the river, providing medical care and sharing the gospel of Christ.  Pray for the Lord to use their acts of love and mercy to leave a lasting impact on the Brazilian people they served.


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