Posted by: pastormatt227 | June 11, 2018

Prayer updates for Monday, June 11, 2018

Please keep these prayer requests in mind as you come before God in prayer today:

Update:  Please pray for Ade Molendyk as blood test results from last week showed that his calcium levels are rising again, which is a side effect of the cancer.  Pray for God to be with Ade today as he endures chemotherapy and for the doctor to come up with a plan to address the calcium levels.  Pray for the Lord to surround Ade, Bea, and the Molendyk family in the difficult time of need.

Update:  Please pray for Bea Molendykas she recently discovered that she has atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) and she will endure a cardioversion procedure on Friday to bring her heart back in to rhythm.  Pray for the procedure to be effective so that tBea can begin feeling better soon.

Update:  Please pray for Art Bouwkamp, Joy Morren’s father,as he was in the hospital over the weekend being treated for pneumonia.  Pray for God’s healing touch to be upon Art so that he can make a full recovery.  Pray also for the Lord to be with Art as he endures a MRI on Friday to assess the status of the tumor site.  Pray for the test to show no new growths and for Art to be given a clean bill of health. Pray for God’s loving presence to be a daily strength for Art and his family this week.

Update:  Please pray for Steve and Kim Holtropas the situation in Nicaragua has continued to escalate and as the Holtops are considering evacuating the country.  Pray for the Lord to protect them in this uncertain time as well as provide for their needs so that they can return to the U.S. until the situation in Nicaragua is resolved.  The Holtrops are looking for an immediate place for their family to stay for either short term or possibly an extended period of time, as well as a vehicle to borrow that will seat six people.  If you are able to help them in any way, please contact Pastor Matt who will put you in touch with the Holtrops.

Update:  Please pray for Taylor Brower as she will be leaving on Wednesday with a group from Zeeland Christian for a two-week trip to the Philippines.  They will be visiting Grace Christian School, which is a school in the Philippines that is sponsored by Zeeland Christian.  Pray for God to be with the students and teachers to grant them safe travels, good health, and safety over the two weeks of their time in the Philippines.  Pray for the Lord to bless this great opportunity Taylor and her classmates have to get to know the students at Grace Christian School.

We express our Christian sympathies to Val Avink in the passing of baby M, one of the children in Val’s house at COTP.  Baby M was very sick and her little body was not strong enough to fight it off.  Pray for God to surround Val in this very sad and difficult time of loss. We pray for God’s loving presence to be a comfort to all who knew baby M and trust that she is now safe in the arms of Jesus.

Please pray for Marla Nienhuis as she will endure hip surgery on Wednesday.  Pray for God to be with Marla and for the surgery to go as planned and for it to be effective in relieving the pain and discomfort she has been experiencing.

Please pray for the Young People’s SERVE Team as they are in Warrensburg, New York this week and will return on Friday.  Pray for God to be with our students and youth leaders as they have the opportunity to show the love of Christ through many forms of service.  Pray for God’s peace, protection, and power to be evident to the SERVE Team as they work and fellowship together.  Pray also for God to use this time in the student’s lives to deepen their commitment to Christ and their relationships with one another.

We praise the Lord for the birthday that Stephen Scott will celebrate on Tuesday.  Wee give thanks for Stephen and for the many blessings God has given him.  We pray for the joy of the Lord to be with him on his special day and throughout the coming year.

We praise the Lord for all of the Graduates at Noordeloos Church. We give thanks to the Lord for his faithfulness in their lives and pray for God to bless them with a great summer as they prepare to make the transition to a new school, to college, or to a new career.

We give thanks to God for a successful Congregational Meeting last Monday.  We praise the Lord for the approval of the2018-2019 budget and for the election of new Elders and Deacons. Please for our newly elected Council member as they prepare to take up the responsibility of the office.  Pray for our new elders, Jamie Downing, Brent Vande Wege, and Ken Machiela (2 year term).  Pray also for our new deacons, Todd Nienhius, Steve Wenger, and Greg De Jonge.

Please pray for the Elders meeting that will take place tonight.  Pray for God to be with our Pastor and Elders as they provide spiritual leadership to us at Noordeloos Church.  Pray for God to especially be with the newly elected Elders as they prepare to take up the responsibilities of leadership in the church.

Please pray for CRC Annual Synod meeting at Calvin College this week and tthat will conclude on June 14.  Please pray for the delegates, staff, and deliberations at Synod 2018 as approximately 600 delegates and staff of the CRC and the RCA will be gathered to partner for global impact for the Glory of God.


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